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The Koerner Law Group, PLLC understands that clients have diverse needs and that every legal matter deserves its own special attention.  Koerner Law Group was founded in 2012 with this in mind. 
Too often attorneys fall into the "status quo" and fail to recognize the unique nature of a client's legal matter and, as a result, each matter is given the same rote treatment.  At The Koerner Law Group, we work closely with our clients so that we may fully understand their ultimate goals. We strive to understand every aspect of the needs of our clients while always keeping the end goal paramount. Our goal-oriented approach provides our clients with dependable, cost-effective results.
First and foremost, we at The Koerner Law Group are our client's advocate.  

Practice Areas:

  • Transit Law
  • Drain Law
  • Business/Corporate Law
  • Family Law
  • Labor and Employment Law
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Criminal Law
  • Information Technology and Privacy Law