Technology and privacy issues affect every individual and business in the United States.  Having an attorney who knows and understands the underlying policies is crucial.  The Koerner Law Group, PLLC’s President and owner, Mark Koerner, obtained his Masters of Law in Information Technology from The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, which remains the only graduate law program in the country that emphasizes privacy as part of its core curriculum.  As a result, The Koerner Law Group is able to provide unique legal services to its clients in a wide range of areas, including, but not limited to electronic discovery, e-commerce, software licensing, IT document drafting, health information privacy and privacy in cyberspace.

The Koerner Law Group can assist you with:

  • Internet policy drafting and review including eCommerce and privacy policies;
  • Electronic commerce agreements;
  • Licensing- software/technology/trade name;
  • Trademark/service mark registration and protection;
  • Cyber-security;
  • Keyword advertising/meta tag/unfair competition disputes;
  • Domain name disputes/cyber squatting;
  • Health information handling/privacy policy preparation.